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State of the Site 2019

I hope your holidays were happy! Now let's talk about the upcoming year.

Debug tools in Virtua Fighter 2, Fighting Vipers and Sonic the Fighters - PART 2

Looks like I can finally cross "discovered a previously unknown debug code in a Sonic game" off my bucket list.

Twinkle Star Sprites (Neo-Geo, Neo-Geo CD & Sega Saturn versions) - Debug Options and Dueling Cakes

One of the most loved games by fans of the legendary Neo-Geo has a boatload of debug tools and a hidden mini game...

Original Strider Hiryuu arcade title screen

Just a quickie article so this isn't lost to the sands of Twitter.

Mahou Keibitai Gunhōki (aka Mystic Riders) - Debug Tools with Stage Select

Witches on their brooms shooting magic missiles is the name of the game, literally: gunhōki translates to "gun broom." There's a stage select buried in the code, which is accessible on actual hardware without any code hacks. Neat!

Blocken - Debug Functions and Graphics Viewer

What happens when you cross Breakout with puzzle game versus mode mechanics? You get an adorable hot mess called Blocken!