Digital archaeology, game disassemblies and more

Mahou Keibitai Gunhōki (aka Mystic Riders) - Debug Tools with Stage Select

Witches on their brooms shooting magic missiles is the name of the game, literally: gunhōki translates to "gun broom." There's a stage select buried in the code, which is accessible on actual hardware without any code hacks. Neat!

Blocken - Debug Functions and Graphics Viewer

What happens when you cross Breakout with puzzle game versus mode mechanics? You get the adorable hot mess that is Blocken! 

Naname de Magic - Debug Tools and Graphics Viewer

A cute falling blocks style puzzle game with a spellcasting twist and a surprisingly detailed CPU Player debugging tool.

Magical Speed - Hidden Debugging Menu & Unused Graphics

Today we look at Magical Speed, a simple but surprisingly fun Allumer game based on the card game Speed. Turns out there's a hidden debug menu in the code that's super simple to re-enable, and lots (LOTS) of unused graphics.

Athena no Hatena - Debug menu and functions

Getting back to our roots of hacking on obscure Japanese quiz and mahjong games that no one else cares about, we're taking apart Athena no Hatena today!

Pururun - Test Menus and Lots of Unused Data and Code

A fun color-matching puzzle game with colorful graphics and cute animations... and bunches of disabled dev functions and unused data!