Digital archaeology, game disassemblies and more

Tinkle Pit name substitutions

I took a look at Tinkle Pit a few months back, and recently I've tried tackling it again to see if I can't get that wonky Level Select working. While I've made some progress with that (maybe?), I also stumbled across some interesting name substitutions in the High Score Entry screen..

Rezon - ASCII art and usage display

Rezon is a fun little shooter with a couple interesting leftovers (maybe one is an easter egg?). Sadly, neither finds are as amazing as the game's ending.

Panasonic 3DO BIOS dev messages

Normally I'd save this to post on a rainy day, but I was so amused when I saw it that I really wanted to share it right away: it looks like those kooky 3DO firmware devs left some messages for us to find!

Nebulas Ray developer credits and enabling all Namco NB-1 test options

I seem to be running into this a lot lately, where standard test mode options are disabled or missing from test menus. Honestly, while it's always gratifying to dig out unused code and make it dance, these finds are kind of boring. But at least this game has some hidden developer credits. Those are always interesting!

Disabled test options in Bakuretsu Breaker / Explosive Breaker

Disabled options in the test mode menu? We'll see about that...

Pocket Fighter / Super Gem Fighter - Secret Menu (finally) re-enabled!

Oh man, I am EXCITED! Pocket Fighter was one of the first games I tried picking at when I started hacking old arcade games around the end of last year. I could clearly see from the raw dump alone that there was something hidden away here (it doesn't get more blatant than a string reading "SECRET TEST"). I tweeted when I found the the entry routine early on, but I could never quite coax the game into loading it properly. Until now... *suspenseful music*