Digital archaeology, game disassemblies and more

Hidden Developer Credits in two Mahjong games

Still hacking around with MAME games, and I'm lovin' it! This time I opened up Ojanko Yakata (roughly translated as Jong Girl Mansion), one of the many, many adult mahjong games to come from Japan. I spotted some ASCII in the memory dump that looked like a hidden developer credits screen...

Pocket Gal Deluxe - Debug Menu and more

There's a request on mamecheat for Pocket Gal Deluxe, and I figured I'd give it a go. I played around for a bit, then discovered a nice, juicy string table with some intriguing bits of text. After a few hours of working backwards through the disassembly, I've discovered a number of interesting bits in the game!

Unused ending in Momoko 120%

The MAME hacking continues! Momoko 120% is a run-n-jump platform shooter with an interesting history. I've always enjoyed it, and I've begun doing a full disassembly of the code, partially to learn Z80 assembly and also, as always, to look for any bits of leftovers or unused data. And find something I did!

Tinkle Pit leftover demo screen and level select (and more!)

I've been playing around with the MAME debugger recently. I loaded up Tinkle Pit, a cute, simple (at first...) maze game recently and started playing around with altering memory values. I found what appeared to be the value for the current game mode, and began messing with it, and then came across an odd screen...

Here we go again!
2014 is slowly coming to a close. I've wanted to redo this website for a while now, and what better time to get it done than right before the new year. The first iteration was simply a front-end for my tumblr , …