A competent but relatively uninteresting shooter from Face, the people who are way more famous for Money Idol Exchanger. At least there's a stage select!
Aurail is a half top-down, half quasi-3D mech based shooting game developed by Westone and published by Sega. It's fun but a bit difficult to play (or more likely I just suck at it), and there's a debug/cheat lurking just beneath the surface of the code...
In which we take a look at the House of the Dead cheats and how they can be used to load model data from unused characters.

Aside from disassembling games, I also enjoy assembling them. While I don't have a lick of talent when it comes to the creative side of game creation, I love to work on the code and technical minutiae. In particular, I enjoy the Sega 16-bit era hardware, and while we have a great library for easy Megadrive development in the form of SGDK, the Mega CD is still a bit difficult to approach. I'd like to change that eventually...


I hope your holidays were happy! Now let's talk about the upcoming year.

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