disassemblies・digital archaeology・data preservation

Overview forDisassembly/Analysis

Aurail - Invincibility and level select

Aurail is a half top-down, half quasi-3D mech based shooting game developed by Westone and published by Sega. It's fun but a bit difficult to play (or more likely I just suck at it), and there's a debug/cheat lurking just beneath the surface of the code...

Sonic Cosmo Fighter - A handful of development leftovers

I cut my teeth on game hacking and research in the Sonic communities of the early 2000's - Area 51, SSRG, CulT - and the Sonic arcade games were always something of an enigma to us. It's been especially exciting to see that these rarities have been finally dumped, including Cosmo Fighter.

I opened the data not expecting to find much and, unfortunately, I was correct. But there are a couple interesting tidbits worth looking at...