Misc Comparisons

Overworld Sprite Differences

Although the overworld sprites remained generally the same, they did go through some rather drastic changes:

Proto Final

A quick breakdown reveals shows that in the proto, each character had their own line, which didn't change too much in the final. There are two extreme differences, however. First, the idle animation. In the proto, the last frame is the single, still idle design, which is not animated. In the final, this last frame is part of a two frame animation, which is continued on the bottom, in what became an empty slot in the final. The second major change is the removal of what appears to be animations for for a seventh character.

Speculation comes in to play a bit here. It has long been stated, although never backed up, that another character was intended to be hidden and playable, much as Magus is. However, due to time limitations, it was removed. Many people, mostly out of wishful thinking, assume this character was Schala/Sara. This, however, is not the case. See the Eigth Character page for my thoughts on who/what this character is, and why.

Items Icon

Proto Final

The Icon for Items is different in the demo.

Status Icons

Proto Final

There are a couple of notable changes in the status icons, namely the replacement of a bubble with the Stop clock.