Translation Work

NOTE: These pages are Works In Progress; nothing is yet 100% final.
This page is an index of all the Chrono Trigger text that I have or am in the process of translating. I'm aiming for accuracy above all else here and I'll try to include notes about why I translated some things. Please post any errors or help with this text on the message board. These will be used as a basis for future translation patches, should I ever get that far. =)

Thoughts about Translations (feel free to skip this)
While I do agree that Woolsey's scirpt is a bit inaccurate and at times lacking, I think alot of his creative choices, especially names, were well done. Therefore, in all my Chrono translations, I'll try to keep the script leaning towards Woolsey's style but still be more accurate. This means many names won't change (Schala won't become Sara for example, since the pronunciation wouldn't be pure Japanese anyway; it's a fictional country after all) and it should hopefully feel like the original. I'd like for CT fans to play this someday and at least be enlightened to the Japanese version's names and subtle differences.

Game Script

These pages are a side by side comparison of text from the final and prerelease version. These lists have have two purposes: to document text changes in pre and final, as well as provide a base for translation of the Japanese version. These dumps were made by me, using my own text table made from scratch. This means that some kanji may have been entered wrong. I've fixed most of these, but there may still be a few errors.

Description Pre address Final address
Text Block 01 3B0242-3B1F21  
Text Block 02
Misc?; Norstein Bekkler's; Tyrano Lair
Text Block 02a (unpointed text)
Repeated text of the end of block 01
Text Block 03 3B5294-3B6C92  
Text Block 04
New Game demo ending text; a couple Zeal NPCs
Text Block 05
Zeal NPCs
Text Block 06
Zeal Palace NPCs; Schala and Jacky's conversation; Golem fight; Prophet sealing the 12000 BC gate
Text Block 07 3B7D57-3B85E6  
Text Block 07a (unpointed text) 3B85E7-3B990B  
Text Block 08 3BB400-3BD43B  
Text Block 09 3BD43C-3BDE35  
Text Block 09a (unpointed text) 3BDE49-3BE4FC  
Text Block 10
Text Block 11 3C1CEA-3C28E0  
Text Block 12 3C28E1-3C4325  
Text Block 13 3C4326-3C4535  
Text Block 14 3C56D6-3C7402  
Text Block 15 3C7403-3C7E9E  
Text Block 16 3C7E9F-3C9044  
Text Block 17 3C9045-3C912A  
Text Block 18 3C912B-3CA535  
Text Block 19 3CA536-3CA656  
Text Block 20 3CA657-3CA6B9  
Text Block 21 3CA6BA-3CACFD  
Text Block 21a (unpointed text) 3CACFE-3CAFFF  
Text Block 22
Gonzales, escaping to the future after the Dragon Tank, 1000 AD Porre (inc. Mayor's house), Tata's house, Glenn/Cyrus as children flashback
Text Block 23 3CE0AC-3CEE9F  
Text Block 23a (unpointed text) 3CEEA0-3CF6B9  

Other Game Text

Description Pre address Final address
Location Names
A couple small changes from Pre to Final, and some wholly unused names.
06f000-06f277 6f200-6f516
Enemy Names
It seems there were many cut monsters from the pre and even the final, although many were repeats and pallette swaps.
c6700-c6eff c6900-c70ff
Chapter Names
Save file titles; not much different between pre and final.
3fd7cc-3fd8df 3fd068-3fd18f
BS Character LIbrary Text
Complete text dump of the CT Character Library for the Satellaview.