General Comparisons by Era

[ 65,000,000 BC - 12,000 BC - Kingdom of Zeal - 600 AD - 1000 AD - 1999 AD - 2300 AD - End of Time ]

65,000,000 BC

World Map

Proto Final

There are a few rather large changes to the map in the final, all of which occur in the eastern region. In the demo, there is an extra village in the far east, and a strange new area in the north east, both of which are removed my a snaking river in the final.

Mud Mountain (Singing Mountain)

Proto Final

A large brown, unnamed structure is in the north-east. It canot be entered and is only accessible via the Epoch. Most likely, this was the location for the since-removed Singing Mountain area. Note that much of the graphics and layout for Singing Mountain still exists in the game.

Extra Village

Proto Final

Apparently, there was another trible besides the Ioka and Laruba tribes, far in the east. None of the locations are named, nor are the accessible.

Light Effects

Proto Final

In the tents in Ioka village, there were holes which allowed for rays of light to stream in. For some reason, they were removed in the final. IMHO, they looked awesome and should have been left in.

Changed Music

When you try to enter the Tyrano Lair, the game resets, and puts you at the name your character screen for Chrono. However, it starts playing some changed music, which is actually the second boss battle music.

Boss Battle 2 Proto (SPC)

Boss Battle 2 final (SPC)

12,000 BC

Proto Final
Proto Final

Not a whole lot of changes. The most conspicuous difference is the lack of Sun Keep, and the gate cave that was left intact post-fall in the final.

Terra Cave

Final (entrance cave) Final (entrance)

The starting point for the cave is completely different. The final features a smaller intro cave, leading to the top of Algetty, with the intention of working your way down.

Proto (entrance) Proto (top)

The pre starts you immediately in the village, only at the bottom of the screen. The entrance to the chain cave is in the same place, making it accessible immediately in the pre. That cave is a bit different too however.


The pre contains an extra path leading up which connects to the path that is normally used in the final, basically making the walk to the Chain twice as long. The fake path is on the left here, whereas in the path above it, it is on the right. Probably just a way to annoy players.

The Beast/tamer boss fight is not present in the pre (or perhaps simply not triggered; the enemies do appear in the pre's list), and climbing up the chain normally brings you to a dead end. However, using the perfect walk through walls code, it can be accessed about here:

To bring you here on a garbled and buggy Mt. Woe:

There is no chain climbing animation, just a straight warp to an incorrectly placed exit.

Kingdom of Zeal

Proto Final

Zeal changed quite a bit. The most interesting is the North Palace on the far right, which appears to be made of stone, and almost has a techno-ish look to it. Note the missing bridge across the water, and the extra cave on the lower right of the main island. Most everything else appears unchanged.




In the final, Land Bridges make a big deal about warping you between Zeal and the main land. In the demo, the warp is instantaneous, with no graphical flair (just a fade, and you're there).

Zeal Palace

Proto Final

As with almost all of the non-demo locations in the prerelease, this location is not populated, save for three NPCs in the very beginning. One is the usual man who greets you and Masa ane Mune, who are up the hall a bit in the final.

Something odd to note about Masa/Mune here. Normally throughout the game, the two are differentiated between the color of their collars (green/blue). In the pre Zeal Palace, they are correct. However, in the final, their collars are the same color, meaning they are using the same pallette in the final. Oops.

Proto Final

Well, Zeal isn't exactly known for perfect pallette coding...

Zeal Throne/Mammon Machine Room

Proto Final
Proto Final

Map-wise, the Mammon Machine room and the Throneroom are side by side. In the pre, scrolling is not locked, so moving closely to the edges reveals areas of the map not meant to be seen (like said Mammon room). Graphically, the rooms are identical to the final (although the pre has a slight graphical error in the Mammon room). However... there seems to be a glitch with the pallette for these rooms. In most scenes, the rooms have red carpeting and gold pillars. In some circumstances though, the floor is blue and the pillars silver:

Proto Final

This applies to the Mammon room as well. The blue pallette seems to appear in the later parts of the Zeal story, like when the Undersea Palace gate appears. In the pre, exiting the Zeal Dungeon to the throne is another trigger to turn the pallette blue.

Zeal Dungeon

Located behind the bookcases in Schala's room is a hidden exit which, in the pre, leads to a lost area that has been been come to known as the Zeal Dungeon. It has only one working entrance and exit although a couple more physical exits are visible as well. Note that a walk through walls code is required to access this.

You start off in the lower left (first screen). There is a raised platform in the center with two nonfunctional stairs exits. The working exit (last picture) can only reached with a walk through walls code. The area is empty and very graphically buggy. It's purpose is unknown, but some people have suggested it was used as a secret route to reach the throneroom.

600 AD

World Map

Proto Final

Very minute changes, the biggest of shich is the north-east extension of the South Continent, as with the 1000 AD map.

Magus' Lair

Proto Final

Magus' Lair lacks bats in the prerelease (although it's a little hard to tell from these screenshots).

Ozzie's Lair

Proto Final

Ozzie's Lair has two towers in it, as opposed to one in the final. Also note that the Gate Seal in the north-east is accessible, but lacks a name and cannot be entered.

1000 AD

World Map

Prerelease Final
Proto Final

Very little changed in the final: some minute mountain placements, that's about it. The most noticeable difference is that the Southern Continent juts out a bit further to the northeast. This is most noticeable when you take the ferry from Guardia to Porre, as the boat must navigate between the tight space of the two lands in the final, whereas in the pre, there's more than enough room.

Guardia Overworld

Proto Final

The Town Square is different in the pre, being much larger (and out of proportion, given the size of the houses). The roads are better connected and there are several different tree placements (or lack of trees, as in Lucca's island) in the prerelease.

Zenan Bridge

Proto Final

Contrary to the final, the bridge is broken in the pre. According to the NPC at the inn, it was destroyed by earthquakes

The bridge covering Zenan Channel has been destroyed thanks to the recent earthquakes.
You remember the earthquakes recently?
-> Yes

Guardia Forest

Jari 'In this version, you can't go beyond this point.

Guardia Castle is blocked off. Note that if you start the first save game, you are placed on the 1000 AD map right in front of the castle, making it accessible, as that is the start of the Trial/Dragon Tank sequence.

The Trial

The crowd doesn't cheer or boo (when the jury gives their answers) during the Trial sequence.

1999 AD

World Map

When you warp to 1999 AD, you warp to the Day of Lavos. This is not implemented yet in the final. Instead, you apear like you would on any other map.



When you appear in 1999 AD in the demo, there is a green grid overlay, which is obviously used in the "Visual Record of the Day of Lavos" in 2300 AD. The map is an edit of the 1000 AD map, with the buildings and roadways changed. None of the buildings can be entered and only a partial part of the map is built. There is no music and no scripted events.

2300 AD

World Map

Proto Final

Nothing major different, except for the inclusion of a small island in the south-west in the demo.

Robot Village

The small island in the south-west has a odd building that was removed from the final. It is unnamed and cannot be entered, so we can only speculate as to what it was. However, it looks to be like some sort of arena, not unlike the Colliseum.

Of the many 'lost locations' that exist in the location list in the final, only one is in the 2300 AD set: ロボット村 (roboto mura), which is accurately translated as 'Robot village' in the US version. There seems to be no other info in the game about this location.

Proto Dome

Frog's music plays when Robo is activated (as opposed to his own theme).

Johnny race

There are several notable differences about the Lab 32 race in the pre. The second save slot starts you off right outside the exit of Lab 32. If you enter, Johnny is waiting next to the jetbike as usual. Talking to him gives you the option to see instructions for the race. The race itself is slightly different:

Proto Final

The pre has no speed or distance indicators, and the Start/Goal images are different

Proto Final

It may have been changed because the pre's graphics are a bit hard to read.

At the 'end' of the race (remember, you actually start at the end of Lab 32), the exit is blocked off by robots informing you that you can't go that way.

You can't go beyond this point.

Normally you can't reenter this area from the south since the robots block the path. However, using a walk through walls code to go around them, you'll see there's something a little different when you enter the area as it is intended in the final.

ロボット「 ン?
オマエラ マタキタノカ。
Robot 'Hm?
You've all returned huh.
ロボット「 アニキ!
Robot 'Big bro!
ジョニー「 待タシタナ!
サァ 勝負ダ ギンギンダゼ!
Johnny 'I was waitin'!
Well then, race time! Sparklin', baby!

After the first robot talks, the music fades to Johnny's theme as he zooms in as per usual. He has one quick line instead of his usual longer intro. This shorter intro only appears if you enter from the south. As a side note, you can skip talking to the robots entirely, and use the jetbike even though Johnny isn't there. Oops. =)

Here's a savestate of the scene.

This bit of text was probably shown every time you entered the beginning of Lab 32, as a sort of mini-intro. I'm suggesting this because the normal long intro that appears in the final exists in the pre (right before this text, actually) and because the robots mention that you've been there before. The short intro was probably removed since it can get really tiresome to see every time.

Factory Ruins

Proto Final

The colors of the R-Series went from pink to blue.

Changed Music

The music from inside Keeper's Dome (where you first receive the Epoch) is dramatically changed

Keeper's Dome Proto Music (SPC)

Keeper's Dome Final Music (SPC)