Welcome to CT++, a website dedicated to Chrono Trigger game hacking and secrets documentation. You won't find any fanfics, fanart, walkthroughs, FAQs or anything of the like here. We deal strictly with the game itself and various oddities about it.

Feel free to shoot off an email to me for site corrections, suggestions, findings, flames, etc.

This site is the product of the hard work of myself and Kuraineko. I'd also like to thank HSS for his invaluable input when we started this long ago, and for Sonic CulT for hosting the original Prototype/Final comparison page that began and perpetuated this project.


Jan 13 2013 - My, how time flies! It's been seven years since this website had an update. I had considerable interest in this project at the time, but inevitably time moves us on, priorities shift, and things that were once dear and beloved become memories. Indeed, this project had become a memory, as the original host HeyPoorPlayer.org (RIP) went away, taking this website's data with it. My local copy, with all its raw, unformatted research, was long gone; it had probably been backed up 'for safe-keeping' on an old DVD or something. When I decided I wanted to archive all my old projects on one site, I was upset when I couldn't find CT++, a project I had put many hours into! Luckily, archive.org had a mostly complete mirror of the site. Truly, archive.org is like modern archaeology.

Chrono Trigger remains one of my favorite games. I could easily call it the Greatest Video Game Ever Created. Thankfully, people who love the game at least as much as I do have continued researching and catalogging the data inside the Chrono Trigger game. The people at Chrono Compendium have an excellent, thorough encyclopedia of the game. They also completed a personal goal of mine: the complete translation of the pre-release and comparison to the final script. I'm impressed with the final result and am honored that I was mentioned by name in the document.

So here's the old site, in most of its former glory. Some of the text on the translation pages got mangled, but that's not a big deal. I've updated the site from its atrocious pre-CSS table-based design, fixed up typos and generally tried to make it presentable. Any links with strikethroughs are now broken. Keep in mind that most of the information here is outdated, or can be better explained in more detail. Check out Chrono Compendium's Encyclopedia instead if you're here for actual research and not nostalgia!

Oct 27 2005 - Quite a large update for you. First off, check the Era Comparisons for some new info, plus lots of old crap that needed retooling. Next, I've started a new section for Text Comparisons, which will also be used as a resource for translation of both the pre and the final. This section is an ongoing project and is still being worked on, so expect alot of untranslated and empty areas. (The enemy list is complete at least; take a look at it for some interesting info on extra/lost monsters.) Also started the Satellaview section finally, with a little bit about the Character Library and a dump of it's text. Lastly, I added a minimalist message board in a rush. Post some feedback on the site, as well as any questions or discoveries of your own. Just try to ignore how ugly it is for now.

More will be posted in the coming weeks, check back occasionally. Special thanks to Bawls for this update for keeping me up late every morning, researching and hacking and writing...

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