Major Differences in the Prototype

Different Epoch

There are two forms of the Epoch in the final game: one that is stationary, and is only positioned in set places throughout the game. The other is the upgraded, flying form. However, instead of being stationary when you first obtain it, originally the Epoch was supposed to be able to move around on land. It is subject to the same boundaries as walking characters, except that it's much faster and of course has the added ability to time travel. It's warp animation is a simple fade to white, then reappear.

While the graphics for this alternate Epoch appear in the final, the code for it does not. Instead the usual 'First Epoch' takes its spot. Meanwhile, there is no appearance of the final 'First Epoch' in the prototype. This means that this was the original first form. It was probably changed later because warping around on land is quite buggy: obviously you can't warp into a solid object (a mountain or a house, etc) and there isn't really a graceful way to deal with this. In the proto, when you warp into a solid object, you simply warp back to the previous time period you were in after you attempt to move.

A quick and easy savestate showing off the hovering Epoch is here.

Different Inner Lavos Background

The background for the second Lavos fight was originally a much more 'technical' design, giving it an almost robotic feel rather than an organic style that the final version seemed to imply (which makes sense imo; it IS the inside of a creature). This background was featured on one of the promo prism cards.


The first Lavos battle is accessible via a Warp Code. He is extremely easy (200 HP according to Sight Scope), and after being defeated, a short victory tune is played and the text ENDING! appears (see Debugging Text). The game then locks up.

Triceratops Enemy

Found among the compressed graphics in the pre, this enemy was most likely used in the 65m era. Beyond that is anyone's guess. Also note that this is NOT its correct pallette.

Debugging Text

Near the beginning of the first dialogue for the game in the pre release are several interesting bits (starting at 0x3b0442):

インフォだよ <num16>
X <num8> <num8>
Y <num8> <num8>



'Info: (numbers)" These are mostly likely debug messages, parts of functions that are either removed from the game, or not normally accessible. The first reads as 'Info:' with a 16bit number after it. X and Y both have two values; they're probably used to display character X/Y map location values.

'Guilty!' The next is simply 'yuuzai!!' Yeah, the first thing you think of this the trial scene. It's odd that it would be placed here though. Perhaps from an earlier version?

'11/17 Version' is next, most likely referring to November 17, 1994 demo release of the game.

'This path seems to have somehow reached a dead end.' Generic text for when a character goes somewhere they're not supposed to in the demo? Who knows.

'Time Machine Get' Probably a placeholder for debugging when you receive the Epoch.

Starting at 0x3c809f:

インフォ <num16>
X <num8> <num8>
Y <num8> <num8>


'Info:' The first is probably identical to the one above. Note that this text is still in the final

'Ending!' Placeholder ending 'scene', displayed when you defeat Lavos (see Ending above).

A deeper look at the text from the game can be found at the Comparison page.

Pre-made Save Games

The demo always writes it's own SRAM at the load of a game, providing you with three saves: The first in 1000 AD after your return from 600 AD, where you're accused of kidnapping Nadia. The Second is set in the Future, in front of Proto Dome, where you discover Robo. The Third is right outside Magus' lair.

Demo Ending


3/11 土曜日 発売


Thank you for playing 'Chrono Trigger.' We regret to inform you that this is as far as we can let you go in this version.
Crono and company are safe, but can everyone get back to their own time periods...!?
This ultimate team (of developers) is using an unheard of scale with 32megs of data for a time traveling great adventure RPG!
'Chrono Trigger'
On sale Saturday 3/11

Please look forward to it!!


The appearance of the enigmatic Frog the swordsman! Can Crono and Lucca rescue Marle?


Crono and Lucca have defeated the Dragon Tank and escaped prison. Now what awaits them on their path ahead...!?
At this point, what in the world can you expect from Maou's castle? Can Chrono and company really take down Maou?

(note that most of the ending text is the same; only that middle sentence changes per save ending)

The demo only lets you play a certain amount. If you choose New Game, the farthest the demo lets you run is up to the Cathedral, in 600 AD, after Kaeru joins your party and you discover the hidden door. For the Magus' Lair save, you can go as far as the final Magus battle. For the 1000 AD save, you play up to the Dragon Tank sequence. I'd assume that with Robo's save, you can go as far as getting the door open in Proto Dome (after your trip to the Factory Ruins). At the end of these, the screen fades out and displays the above messages, describing the game and its release date.