RAM Codes

Please see Chrono Compendium's page on this subject. It is far more thorough, and I have basically abandoned this page as they already have it finished.

NOTE: This section is far from being finished, although many of the locations are documented thus far. Also, I must be perfectly honest: I am by no means an expert in assembly, memory access, or any other type of knowledge that would be very useful in helping find and alter RAM addresses. If anyone can explain exactly how these work, and camn somehow apply them to, say, savestates or some other easier, more predictable medium, I'd be greatly appreciated. The original warp codes came from old Game Genie codes I found online that I converted to much friendlier PAR codes for testing.

There is a warp code available for the prototype. It's PAR code is 7E0100xx, where xx is any of the locations below. There are two ways to use this code, which generate different results:

Short Way:
Enter a full code (i.e., 7E0100A0) and turn the code on, then reset the emulator. It will skip the title screen and such, and jump right to a location.

Long Way:
Enter a full code, and turn the code OFF. Reset the emulator, and wait for the pendulum title screen. Turn the code ON and hit a button to warp to that location.

These RAM locations enable you to warp to many different maps in the game. Note, however, that a great deal of the maps are buggy and mostly incomplete. Note also that using this warp code, you do not warp to the correct location on the map, and instead appear in the upper left corner. This can sometimes be fixed by going to your equip menu then exiting, but not always. Therefore, it's handy to have the Walk through Walls code available (C080B011). With Walk through Walls on, you cannot trigger any exits or events or anything, so it's best to turn the code off once you get to a 'normal' area on the map. A final note: the Warp code affects the exits and entrances to rooms in strange ways; as soon as you get to a normal area with the Walk through Walls code, be sure to turn it AND the Warp code off to prevent getting stuck in rooms.

Codes in blue are of particular interest to check out.

Short Method Codes

Long Method Codes

D7 1999 Lavos battle


??? Lavos and some baddies? (possibly some kind of debug room?)
F0 1000 AD overworld
F1 600 AD overworld
F2 2300 AD overworld (labeled as ????? on minimap)
F3 65m BC overworld
F4 12000 BC overworld
F5 Zeal overworld
F6 12000 BC overworld (destroyed)
F7 1999 AD overworld
F8 - FF Locks up game (probably empty overworld slots)