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Revisiting the Chrono Trigger Pre-release Leftover Dialogue

Originally written November 2013

Eight years ago (!), we were starting to really dig into the Chrono Trigger Pre-release Demo ROM. I was making it a project to dump all of the dialogue from this Demo version for comparison to the final. I wanted to do a full translation and hoped to find exciting differences in the story. I never finished the translation or comparison, but thankfully the Chrono Compendium completed that project fantastically. While identifying the text blocks and dumping them, we found early on that there was leftover dialogue data from previous versions of the game. Unfortunately, the text was broken: the hiragana and katakana were readable but the kanji was wildly incorrect. That broken text has never been given a thorough examination, until recently when, on a whim, I picked up the project again and documented what I found...

Burning Force, Part 2: Version differences, Broken test mode patch, Leftover debugging tools

Here we are at part two of our dissection of Burning Force. We'll look at some of the less flashy, more technical tidbits I've come across while taking the game apart.

Burning Force, Part 1 - Unused translation and extra round select options

Another game with too much stuff to cram into one post! Burning Force is a shooter similar to Space Harrier, only a bit prettier (and newer, to be fair). In part 1 I'll show a few of the most interesting finds, and then in part 2 we'll look at some leftover debugging tools, bugs and other miscellany.

Mouja - Unused test menu, debug functions, easter eggs, and more...

Whoa! The website (in its current form) just passed its one year anniversary! I figured after a year it was FINALLY time to give the design a little refresher with better support for mobile devices, so I spent some time redoing the layout with Bootstrap as well as fixing up some of the design. I think it came out pretty well. Since then, I've been hacking on a new game...

Akuu/Air Gallet - Stage select, invincibility, region select and more

If there's one thing I can rely on, it's shooting games having leftover menus.

Another SECRET MENU! - Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara

Still alive, just been busy with life and other hobbies in the meantime. Data hacking has been on my mind though, and it's about time to get back to that. For now, I still have a handful of things in my queue to post about, including Shadow Over Mystara for the CPS-2 system!