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Original Strider Hiryuu arcade title screen

posted 2019-11-27 by Ryou

Just a quickie article so this isn't lost to the sands of Twitter.

So it started with this thread.

@Foxhack pointed out that the graphics are still present in the data, which piqued my interest. @GoldS_TCRF then chimed in with some very helpful memory locations, and with a bit of trial and error, we got the titlescreen (more or less) correctly repointed to the old data:

Video of it in action:

And here's the MAME cheat so you can see it yourself:

  <cheat desc="Restore old title screen">
    <script state="on">
      <!-- repoint the tilemaps to the old ones-->
      <!-- the lower half tileset is a bit off, need to remap it a bit -->
      <!-- also, the loops are one too small, which results in missing the last tiles on the bottom of both the upper and lower half-->
    <script state="off">