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Daraku Tenshi / Fallen Angels - Part 1 - Debug Tools and Hidden Code

Let's take a look at a fighting game with a troubled development history, questionable aesthetic choices, cut characters and hidden debug tools. No, we're not talking about Tōki Denshō this time. It's Psikyo's 1998 fighting game, Daraku Tenshi: The Fallen Angels! In part 1, we'll look at the game's hidden development tools and other code mysteries, then in Part 2 we'll discuss the game's unfortunately wasted storyline.

CPS2 Debug Switches and the Games That Love Them

The CPS 2 has a storied history in the emulation scene and hardly needs any introduction. You may think there are no secrets left to discover with this hardware, but there are secrets indeed. 24 of them, in fact, in the form of little rocker switches...