A Tecmo game featuring boobs? Simply unheard of!

WARNING: This article is slightly NSFW. Turn back now if you're in a sensitive area or are offended by low resolution pixel breasts.


The CPS 2 has a storied history in the emulation scene and hardly needs any introduction. You may think there are no secrets left to discover with this hardware, but there are secrets indeed. 24 of them, in fact, in the form of little rocker switches...

We've taken a look at Donpachi and Dodonpachi in the past, so of course DDP 2 was going to come up eventually!

Sometimes you begin disassembling some code thinking, "well, there's not much here, this won't take long to research and write about," and then it spirals out of control and takes up all your free time for multiple weeks.

Anyway, here's more than you ever wanted to know about what's hidden away inside Magical Crystals!


Flying pigs, a horny octopus, and puns galore. It's Sexy Parodious! (And there's a really janky debug tool in there too, I guess.)

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