It's a mahjong game! It's a falling-block puzzle game! No, it's a mix of both and it isn't nearly as fun as either one of those genres are on their own!
This is just a quickie article to archive some work done via twitter.
Today we'll look at the sequel to Numan Athletics: Mach Breaker! If you have a particular interest in debugging tools, then strap in because you're going to have a ball playing with what Namco left in the game. Let's dive in!
The game responsible for bringing Mighty and Ray into the world also has a handful of debugging tools, a ton of cut content, and an interesting development history tucked away.
A solid shooter from Taito with impressive scene transitions and even better music from Zuntata. And a handful of debug tools that took some wrangling to get working. But wrangled it has been!
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