I've had this article half-researched and half-written for more than a year now, just sort of laying around. I've lacked the interest in finishing it because, frankly, the game is pretty awful. Well, after months of Donpachi and Dodonpachi, it's time to take a short break with something easy.

Enjoy, I guess?


And now for the article many people have been waiting for: Dodonpachi! Unfortunately, I didn't make it in time for the 20th anniversary of the game on February 5th, but oh well; better late than never right? This game seems to have a larger following than it's predecessor, so I'm sure shmup fans will enjoy the re-enabled debugging tools available to play around with. There's not much else to say, so here we go!


Happy New Year! As promised, here is the writeup on the classic Cave shooter, Donpachi. I've decided to do something a little bit different here. Instead of spending so much time writing out the technical details of my findings, I'm instead just providing an overview and MAME cheats to access them. I'll do the same with the Dodonpachi which will follow later. Later this year I'll finish up with a detailed technical article about both games. I'm doing it this way in part because the two games share a lot of code (as DDP was clearly built off of DP), and in part because I'll never get this article out the door in time otherwise. I think there's a bunch of interesting things here that fans of the game will want to play with, so I'd like to get it published sooner than later.

With all that said, here we go...


Sure, 2016 was a steaming pile of disappointment in many ways, but for me personally, it was actually pretty amazing. It was because things were so great that the site didn't get much love this past year...

Site News

It's been a while, hasn't it? Some major events have happened in my life, namely planning a trip to Japan later this year and finally returning to college, which have stolen much of my attention. But I still enjoy disassembling and researching old software, and there's still a backlog of content to finish writing and post, so the site is definitely not dead!

And speaking of backlogs, a few months back my friend AJ on twitter asked that I take a look at Neo Bomberman for the NeoGeo after spotting some suspicious text strings. I started the initial disassembly right away, but didn't give it a serious examination until recently...

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